Funnel Base Review

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Welcome to this Funnel Base review!

Many people own good products and try to make money out of them. But only a few succeed because of a lack of proper marketing skills.

In this world even if the product is great and doesn’t get marketed then there is a huge loss to the product owner.

And if your product is an average product and gets good marketing then you can easily make a profit. Anyway user satisfaction is necessary for long term survival of any product.I

Funnel base does this for is one of the best ways to get more conversions, sales and also is affordable.

Many say it is very easy to get sales and leads. But you might be knowing that it is not as easy as they say.of course there are a lot of ways to get traffic, sales and leads but you have to a lot of hard work.

you start from scratch like doing webinars, funnels,and learning different strategies. So it can take you some time to master them in order to make money.

Funnel Base will provide you help in increasing traffic,bringing leads and sales without any efforts.

Funnel Base Overview

Vendor:Cindy Donovan
Product:Funnel Base
Launch Date:2020-Feb-25
Launch Time:11:00 EST
Front-End Price:$27
Official SiteClick here

What Is Funnel Base?

Funnel base is a SaaS platform. with this you will be able to send automated product review requests through email, on site as well as social media. After this you can also display them as star ratings, product reviews and more importantly in a stunning, instantly live, animated and completely customisable widget. 

So now you got some reviews. You can use them to boost your sales and these can be shown anywhere.

Any employer gives a job to a person who has the skill and expertise. The same applies here. You can show off your reviews and ratings and get more conversions.

One of the best things about funnel base is that you can integrate it with anything, when you start from WordPress, Shopify, Zapier, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly and a lot more. 

But,it is advised to use WordPress because their bonus will make it  easier by just connecting, activating and then’s pretty easy.

You will be able to create 14 different high impact conversion must say almost all different types of campaigns.

There are 14 different high impact conversion campaign types available:

Social Proof, Latest Conversion, Customer Review, Conversions Counter, Live Counter, Leads Capture, Email Collector, Request Collector, CountDown Collector, Scratch Coupon, Users Retention, Social Share, Emoji Feedback, Score Feedback, Info Marketing, Vido, Cookies Alerts, Informational.

It’s easy for customers to give a testimonial or a star review ifyou use the funnel base.

This social proof can be used anywhere on your website. This gives a lot of impact on the new buyers and helps you get more leads.

It is really a very powerful software or service that enables you to manage everything  from a single just need to place some code which will be provided inside and you can paste it on your weebly, wordpress, shopify or any other platform that you use.

You can integrate it with almost every platform including zapier. Funnel Base is suitable for everyone, like to the people who build their list, digital marketers, local and eCom businesses.

Key Features Of Funnel Base

You just have to do a little portion of code to your page for limitless display options

There will be a great positive improvement in engagement, social proof and conversions

You can get Social proof for every funnel page, bonus page, ecom store, website and a lot more

You can easily increase sales in a smart way and improve your success rate.

You can easily Capture testimonials, reviews and product proof on autopilot .

You can also capture emails on autopilot and you will be able to display option and sales proof from your site.

Simple and beautiful setup wizard

You can integrate with shopify, zapier and any other that you use with just a single click.

Great social proof that helps you get more conversions.

Adding CTA’s, email option forms and other to your pages is as simple as that.

How Does Funnel Base Work ?

Funnel Base Dashboard. The dashboard of this is very simple. You need not require any experience with this.funnelbase dashboard

Install Pixel

install pixel

1.Creation Of A Campaign

You can see multiple campaigns present campaing funnel base

You can add a custom message with Call To Action.

message with call to action

You can set it to display, when you want for an expected time of your desire.

funnel base trigger

Then, you can easily choose the option,like where the Notification Widget should display

nottification widget funnelbase

If you are not satisfied with their customization you have the option to customize  a s you want .

customization of a widget

In order to make an integration, you will need this webhook. Also, you can easily be able to customize it in a way to display only on the desired url from you.

funnel base webhook

2.Make Lead Campaign

Also, you can easily capture leads through Funnel Base.

capture leads in funnel base

So, you will have the option for people to opt in to your list and you will be able to collect the leads that way.

3.Creation Of Retention Campaign

If you own a eCommerce business, this may be a very good way to drive more sales retention campaign funnel base

This is the option, if you want feedback to make your service better.

You can get more traffic with social sharing.

social sharing in funnel base

It is very easy to customize the campaigns as you want.

You can Activate a funnel using their step by step wizard

And you just have to Add just one line of code to any page or integration.

Display powerful social proof in a way that brings more leads, sales and great traffic.

Funnel Base Upgrades, OTOs

You have these  two options on the front end of Funnel Base.

Option 1, Funnel Base Starter Pack: $27

Option 2, Funnel Base Deluxe: $27-$37

BONUS: One of the best bonuses that you will get is an entry in the 14 Day Funnel Base Challenge. There, you will get a chance to generate profits with their system. 

OTO1: Funnel Base Premium Upgrade

If you are a premium member, you can have access to unlimited campaigns to collectmore email reviews. And you will be able to get best video recording options and you will also be able to remove the funnel base branding mark.

If you are a premium member you will get access to training series on funnel base

OTO2: Funnel Base Agency

If you are an agency member, you will be capable of being a business, also.and you will also be able to unlock some more funnels, features and impressions. Being an agency member’s client,you will be able to remove the brand and also be able to add your own brand.

Conclusion About Funnel Base

If you are the person who wants to get more sales, conversions and traffic then funnel base is ready to help you in all these is the best software that is available in an affordable price.

You need not pay monthly and the best thing is you have a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

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