19+ Websites to Create High-Quality Backlinks (FREE)

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Howdy readers hope you all are doing well.

Today I will show you how to create high-quality backlinks for your blog/website for free.

In this post, I will also give you a high authority backlink list.

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high-quality backlinks

You have set up your blog and when it comes to building backlinks, it is a tough task. In this list, you will get high-quality links for your blog or website that will help you in the ranking.

Are you a blogger? Of course, you must be a blogger that’s why you are reading this post.

If you do blogging and you are looking to create high-quality backlinks for your website then, here I have a list of sites that give you free high-quality backlinks.

You have to only create it.

Backlinks are the backbone of every blog or website and it is also a part of off-page SEO. If you don’t create backlinks for your blog then you are wasting your time on writing articles and you are probably not going to rank on google.

More backlinks you create your chances are high to rank on google.

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What is a Backlink?

As the name of it suggest, it is just a link that is backing you meaning thereby supporting you.

If a website gives you a backlink, it means it trusts you and supports you by giving a backlink.

So, if the website which is giving you a backlink is well trusted, it will pass on the trust upon you too.

It’s more like building a community which shares trust among them and in total. If a large number of websites and blogs are linking to you it means you are trusted by all of them.

So, it will give a positive signal to google or any other search engine and your chances of ranking will increase.

Types of Backlinks

Basically, there are two types of backlinks. And, if you are creating high-quality backlinks then you are going to boom it.

  • Do-Follow Link
  • No Follow Link

Although, all bloggers focus on creating a do-follow link but yet I will suggest you no-follow links are also very essential for your website. When you keep creating do-follow links then sometimes google can punish you by downing your ranking.

The simple reason is that each and every site can’t give you do-follow links. You cannot ignore no-follow links and especially if you are getting no-follow links from a high-quality website then it will give a boost to your website.

Here is an example of one website which has only no-follow links but yet its domain authority is getting increase and its posts are also ranking on google.

backlinks of website
no follow link of website

If a website or blog links to your and it doesn’t mention “no-follow” in the anchor tag it is assumed to be the do-follow link you can yourself check it from that site.

Here is an example do follow links and no-follow links.

example of no follow and do follow links

Though, do-follow links are considered to be more important and useful but yet you can’t ignore the no-follow link. What you have to do is to keep creating high-quality links and it is a trusted factor in the eyes of search engine.

A No-follow link is just the opposite of the do-follow link.

Here is a list of High-Quality Backlinks?

Following are websites which give high-quality do-follow backlinks:

  1. ISSUU
  9. LAST FM
  11. FANCY
  12. ITS MY URL
  14. TED
  15. HIVE
  17. DISQUS
  19. 8TRACKS

You can now easily create high-quality do-follow backlinks for your blog with all these websites.  

Believe me guys, these websites will give you high-quality backlinks that can help you to rank your blog on the first page of Google or any other search engine.

All, you have to do is hard work and you will definitely boom it.

The best thing about these websites is that you don’t have to pay a single penny to create high-quality backlinks.

So, what are you waiting for go and take advantage? It’s FREE

If you find this article helpful then share it with your friends who also need backlinks for their blog or website.

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