Jio DTH Dish TV: Offer, Price & Plans, Booking Online, Launch Date in India [ 2020 ]

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One of the biggest telecom company Reliance Jio was supposed to launch it’s Jio DTH and Jio Fiber but due to some reason the same was not launched.

But soon Reliance Jio will launch it’s Jio DTH and Jio Dish TV services in India.

But today we are going to tell you about Jio DTH, which is going to explode the market like Reliance Jio, so let’s start –

What you will learn in this article.

What is Reliance Jio Dth or Dish TV ?

Reliance Jio DTH Set Top Box is a product of Jio telecom which is going to be a dish TV project from Jio and it will work as Set up box like we have Airtel TV or Videocon etc.

With the help of Jio DTH Set Top Box, you will be able to watch your favorite TV Serial and Movies on your TV sitting at home.

Here are some amazing benefits of Jio Dish TV

  • The biggest advantage of Reliance Jio DTH Set Top Box is that it will support both Dish Antena and Without Antena,
  • If you do not want to use Antenna then you will be able to use it with Jio Fiber Broadband which will run totally on the Internet, 
  • Or you will be able to use it like other service providers with Dish Antenna, which will run directly from the satellite like other DTH services.
  • Let me tell you that Jio Company has given the speed of Jio Fiber 100MB per second, which is going to be super fast.
  •  And you will be able to watch TV serials and movies in 4K quality in it. 

Reliance Jio Dth Launch Date in India ?

The company is testing it’s Jio DTH services on the largest basis and due to which the company has not yet made any official announcement regarding its launching date.

Earlier news was that “Jio DTH and Jio Fiber’s launching date was 5 September 2019 but it has not been launched yet.”

Jio Dth Launch Date
Image Credit – Economictimes

There are reports about its launch –

In India, this service of Reliance Jio will be made available in a few cities first, then gradually it will be available in all cities soon . 

At the launch of this DTH service, it is coming out that this first Set Top Box will be made available  in 1700 cities . 

Benefit of Reliance Jio Dth Service

If you are thinking about taking this service 

So let us tell you that you will have a lot of Benifit to take it and it is also a Trusted Product because the name of Jio is associated with it .  

You can get the benefits of Reliance Jio DTH Service below –

1. Paid Channels for Free – If you talk about the first and biggest benefit of Reliance Jio DTH Service, then tell you that – 

“If you take after Reliance Jio DTH Service Launch, then you can get to see all Paid Channels Free for 6 months. 

And you may need to Normal after will not pay any money for it and 1-year charges you fill will . “

2. 4K Quality Channels –  The second biggest advantage of Reliance Jio DTH Service is that you will get to watch Channels in 4K Quality with it,which is agreat thing in itself . 

3. High Speed ​​Internet – Reliance Jio DTH service will be available withJio Fiber and in Jio Fiber youwill getHigh Speed ​​Internet Data 

In which Jio company has claimed that you will get 100MB Per Second Speed . 

4. JioHome –  Along with Jio Fiber, you will also get freelandline connection of Jio, which Jio hasnamedJioHomePhone.

Its biggest benefit is that you can do any international calls from this phone such as USA and Canada, Jio has also launched special plans for this . 

5. Other Features – If you take Reliance Jio DTH Service and Jio Fiber then you can run all Jio Apps free.

Such as Jio TV , Jio Cinema, Jio Savan and more such apps. With this, you will also be able to enjoy HD Video Calling in Free.

Reliance Jio Dth Channel List

But when Jio Dth will launch all Channels will you see that many Chennels will also contain all new and Premium will, some of them Channels List are as follows –

  1. Jio Movies Channel (Important)
jio movies channel list

2. jio TV Serial Channel List (Important)


3. Jio Sport Channel (Important)


These Channels Only Start the and in addition you Numbers at the same time expect to see thousands of Chanels like it and all these Channels Update will be.

Reliance Jio Dth Plan/Price list in India

When Jio Dth will be launched, there will be a lot of Plan / Prices available, out of which these are going to be the most important –

Normal Pack
49-55 Rs
All Sports Channels (in HD)60-69 Rs
Value Prime Channels120-150 Rs
Kids Channels188-190 Rs
My Family Pack200-250 Rs
My Plan50-54 Rs
MY Sports159-169 Rs
Big Ultra Pack199-220 Rs
Metro Pack199-250 Rs
Dhoom Plan99-109 Rs

And apart from this, many Prices will be given which will be declare at the time of launch.

Reliance Jio Dth All Offers List

Jio always bring very good offers for their customers,  which do not provide other DTH service, those offers will be available on Jio like –

1.   The first offeris that Jio is providing a lot of channels for its customers,which customers  can get to see in free.

2. In  the Set Top Box of Jio, you will get more than 600channels, whose quality will be HD +, inwhich you will also get some channels of 4K quality. 

3.   Customers of Jio can also be seen in all Channels Free on Jio DTH for 6 months.

 For example, in 2019, Jio had made a new offer of Welcome 2019, in which all the channels were free to watch for 6 months .

7 frequently asked questions

1. What is the best feature of Jio Dth?

Ans: The first thing that makesJio Dth  special is that it is the project of Reliance Jio Company, whatever it does,  shakes everyone.

2. Will Jio be able to use DTH without Antenna?

Ans: Yes, because you will be able to connect it to Jio Fiber whose Internet Speed  100mb / Sec.  It has been told but you will have to install Antenna for Emergency Time .

3. Will Jio Dth be able to use even without Internet?

Ans: Absolutely, because it will also be accompanied by Dish Antenna, which will be broadcast by Satallite  just like the rest of the Dish Plateform  .

4. How is Jio Dth different from the rest of the Dish Plateform?

Ans: The biggest feature of Jio Dth is that it will run from both Anatenna and Internet, which makes it different from all Dish Plateform.

5. Will Jio Dth be expensive?

Ans: Not at all because it is going to be a service of Reliance Industry, whereas it can give free or high discount in the first few months  .

6. Should we wait for Jio DTH or buy another Dth Service?

Ans: You must purchase a completely different Dth Service as yet it  Launching Date  Of Official Announcement also did not again after Launch you  are can it Purchase (purchase).

7. Will Jio Dth also provide Customer Service for this?

Ans: Absolutely, Customer Service is the first priority of every Dth Plateform and for Jio Dth there are already some Numbers available – 1. 1991 (For Plans Information), 2. 1977 (for HD Services), 3. 180089899333 ( for Enterprise Services), 4. 18008899444 (for Jio Dth Connection) 5. Email –


So friends, in today’s article we told you what is Reliance Jio DTH Service and what are the benefits of taking it?

And do share this information with your friends, thank you very much for reading this article !!!

If you are facing any problem ask us in the comment section below.

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