What are the best free and paid antivirus for all devices? 2020

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In this article, I am going to show you the best free and paid antivirus for all the devices.

The growth of computer systems and technology has been immense and thanks to this, a large number of programs have emerged that simplify the day-to-day development of its users. 

However, despite the notable efforts made by law enforcement agencies and software developers, viruses continue to linger on them.

In this way, malicious programs are still a threat to all users, since they can cause damage to their private information, as well as their devices. T

aking into account that, there is still no solution with the ability to eradicate the scourge of malware and its fearsome consequences on computers and devices.

However, despite the fact that there is no definitive repair to this, you can make use of other alternatives that allow you to perform your tasks with relative security and freely browse the Internet. 

Thus, the most effective alternative is the antivirus available for all devices, and then we detail all the information regarding this.

What is an antivirus and how do these computer programs work?

For many years, viruses and malwares, like all threats of this type; They haunt Internet users and can be contracted in different ways, taking into account that they manage to get into your computers or devices in a sophisticated and treacherous way.

But, in order to avoid this, the famous computer antivirus appeared.

In this sense, an antivirus can be defined as a set of programs that show the ability to protect your computer, your mobile, or tablet; for any damage that may be caused by malicious software, program, or application. 

Thus, this name has its origin in the fact that it is a tool designed to combat computer viruses, originally.

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However, beyond managing to combat these viruses and eliminate them, antivirus also takes care of the maintenance of operating systems and covers countless functions, today. 

Taking into account that, today, they are advanced solutions with the full power to detect any malware, such as Trojans, worms, keyloggers, adware, spyware, etc.

On the other hand, regarding their operation, antivirus work in the background, reviewing each file that is opened on the computer or device where they are installed. 

Thus, it proceeds to compare these files with a database that contains all types of existing viruses, to find out if there are any of these threats, in a highly efficient way.

In addition to this, antivirus programs also take care of scanning the entire hard drive of computers and, in this way, they are very useful for repairing a computer that is already infected and properly detecting what is the fault.

 What are the most important characteristics that an antivirus program should have?

What are the most important characteristics that an antivirus program should have

Now, despite the infinity of antivirus solutions on the market, not all of them are as effective. 

Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the most relevant characteristics that an antivirus must exhibit when choosing it, so that it can do a good job, detecting and avoiding all the variety of viruses and malware that appear.

Here are the main and most essential features of an antivirus program:

  • Ability to detect and react to a new virus : An optimal antivirus should not be limited only to the detection of some types of malicious programs, that is, it is important that it manages to search for and exterminate any kind of threat that comes your way.
  • Ensure real-time protection : Since computers are online all the time, it is valuable that antivirus programs manage to protect you from any threat in real time and not only when you are the one who orders the action to be taken.
  • Systematic update : Although not all have this function, the truth is that there are already many solutions with the ability to update systematically, in order to provide you with complete and optimal assistance.
  • It must have verification options : Verify that the antivirus you are going to use can be configured to carry out deep and fast verifications at the same time. Additionally, it should offer you options for scanning locations.
  • Minimum memory utilization : In order that the other activities can be executed normally even when the antivirus is running, it is important that the solution in question uses little memory and works in the background without revealing any problem.
  • Email protection : The best virus and malware protection software should be integrated into email management programs, in order to prevent users from being contaminated with threats contained in the messages received.

 Other characteristics of interest

  • Minimal detection of false positives or false viruses.
  • Creation of emergency or rescue discs.
  • Verification of startup and possible changes to the registry of applications.
  • Great disinfection capacity.
  • Alert about a possible infection through the different entry routes, such as: Internet, email, network and / or floppy disks.
  • Presence of different detection and analysis methods.

Is it really best and most useful to use an antivirus? Advantages and disadvantages of doing it

On the other hand, much has been questioned about the use of antivirus on computers and for that reason, users do not know if it is really useful to use this computer security tool or not. 

In the face of this doubt, it should be noted that using an antivirus is currently a great help; although it also depends on the case .

In this sense, if it is a personal computer that is only used by its owner and no other person has access to it, the requirement for antivirus software is not so important . 

Well, it will simply be necessary if the owner’s usage habits request it.

In this way, it will be more relevant for the person to make responsible use of the equipment and avoid infecting the system with malware. 

But, in case you have irresponsible browsing habits and do not take into account certain parameters to stay safe from these threats, installing a virus will be extremely decisive and indispensable.

For its part, it is valuable to note that, if the case is based on a shared computer , the use of an antivirus will be an absolutely essential rule. 

Since not all users will perform the same tasks or have the same knowledge about computer security to prevent virus infection. 

In such a way that, to avoid any risk, the installation of an optimal antivirus is more than useful.


Among other things, to better interpret the utility shown by antivirus software, it is worth specifying what the advantages are, mainly .

Next, the highest value:

  • It ensures protection against viruses and thus, prevents threats such as Trojans, malware and spyware from entering; on your computer or device.
  • It offers protection against identity theft , so it can prevent the illegal use of personal identity to commit crimes.
  • They reveal great comfort , since you will not have to worry about the safety of your equipment. Taking into account that, with the appropriate antivirus activated and working, you will simply receive a notification that will expose that a virus has been detected and will ask you if you want to eliminate it.
  • There are very cheap and even free antivirus solutions . So, they allow you to save money while protecting you.
  • Many antiviruses provide parental control and thanks to this, you can protect the smallest of the house by monitoring how much time they spend online and limiting the downloads or the sites they can visit, for example.


However, the use of an antivirus is not always as effective as it seems and for this reason, it is necessary to know what are the main disadvantages or cons that these types of tools exhibit :

  • Having antivirus software with multiple detection methods installed is not enough. Therefore, these tools do not protect you completely .
  • In various cases, these programs can decrease the performance of your computer or network , since many use a considerable amount of memory on the computer and space on the hard drive, which ends up slowing down the system.
  • Some antivirus software may not employ all existing detection methods, and because of this, reveal limited detection techniques and, as a result, may not be able to locate all threats that access the computer.
  • A large variety of these solutions do not have a real-time analysis , so their operation can be very tedious for users and will not offer complete coverage in terms of security.
  • Several antivirus programs are likely to show errors and point out malicious files when they really are not ; thus showing a terrible operation.

Types of antivirus How are these software classified?

Additionally, it is also opportune to identify which are all the types of antivirus that exist and with it, specify how these computer security tools are classified.

Below, we present each of the types of antivirus, according to various aspects, with their main characteristics :

 According to its category

One of the classifications of antivirus software is based on the category or condition they reveal, which is linked to its way of acting and the site where it is installed :

  • Active antivirus: Despite the fact that this program cannot exercise constant protection, it runs and works according to some kind of action continuously.
  • Passive antivirus: Although it is always installed on the computer, it does not show any operation or permanent protection.
  • Offline antivirus: It is installed on the computer, mainly for its protection and also for the detection of threats and to suppress any malicious application.
  • Online Antivirus: It performs the scans directly from the Internet since it is not installed on the computer. Thus, it is used only to find out if there are any viruses on the computer.

 According to its function

Due to the various functions that these programs can fulfill in their fight to identify and eliminate any computer threat, they are also classified according to their role:

  • Detectors : They are responsible for alerting users to the presence of a known virus. But, it is only the user who can solve the problem to end the present infection.
  • Eliminators-repairers : Their objective is to eliminate threats from the affected parts of the system and in addition to this, they manage to repair the computer to return it to normality.
  • Heuristics : They are a kind of simulator, because they are in charge of faking the execution of programs in order to see how they behave and, from there, they identify suspicious situations.
  • Immunizers : They have the ability to anticipate the entry or attack of any malicious program. Thus, they are in charge of monitoring the execution of the applications, copying the files and formatting the disks.
  • Residents : Its main function is to analyze the softwares from the first moment in which the user accesses it and with it, examines whether the file contains viruses or not.

 According to your specific objective

This classification is based on the specific tools that are part of each antivirus solution, especially in its complete versions to prevent specific threats .

Here are the types that exist:

  • Antimalware : This is a program that has the necessary functions to block and erase any form of existing malware. Bearing in mind that, malwares are malicious programs that infiltrate computers to damage them quickly.
  • Firewall or Firewalls : They are preventive tools that act as a defense wall to block the access of malicious programs to a system. Its most special objective is to control inbound and outbound traffic, as well as stopping all mysterious activities.
  • Antispam : It is defined as a utility used to prevent the arrival of any junk mail in your email inbox and thus sends them to the recycle bin. This type of email is also known as “spam” .
  • Antispyware : They present the ability to detect and suppress spyware that is hidden from your computer, in order to know all the user’s browsing habits and other personal data to proceed to transmit them to an entity not empowered.
  • Antipop-ups : Identify and prevent the execution of pop-up windows that are displayed when you surf the net. Which often hide spyware.

 According to its purpose

Finally, we refer to this category of the types of antivirus that exist. Taking into account that, in this case, the program has certain possibilities to liquidate a certain virus :

  • Antivirus identifiers : As the name implies, they are responsible for identifying threats that can negatively influence the performance of the operating system. Therefore, its functionality consists of exploring this system and examining the byte sequences of the codes linked to dangerous software.
  • Antivirus preventers : Its peculiarity is based on anticipating the infection to prevent the access of a malicious program on the computer. However, since they are stored in the memory of the computer, they can slow down the operation of the same and, therefore, they are not as used.
  • Antivirus decontaminators : They are focused on ending the infection that has caused damage to the computer and for this, they are responsible for eliminating existing viruses to return the system to its natural state.

What is the most powerful and safest antivirus in the world today?

Without a doubt, the best antivirus is the one that provides the most complete functions and truly effective tools with which it manages to guarantee complete security in the system , so that your computer can remain virus-free. But, although most computer security solutions promise this, there are very few antivirus software that truly offer good and complete assistance.

In this sense, although it is not easy to classify a single antivirus as the best among the hundreds of proposals on the market, there is certainly one of them that shows remarkable capacity and today, it can be considered the most optimal antivirus of all .

Thus, it is Windows Defender that has all the tools required to fight viruses and threats, from one of the best virus definition databases and, in addition, in real time.

What is the most powerful and safest antivirus in the world today?

Among other reasons why it is considered an excellent antivirus, it is because it is an alternative that does not bother the user at all, thanks to the fact that it runs in the background and does not interrupt its tasks and actions with messages or pop-up windows

Also, Windows Defender uses few system resources (such as RAM and CPU) and with this, it does not interfere with the other activities carried out on the computer.

Are free antivirus really 100% free or do they hide something?

One of the biggest doubts that Internet users have regarding antivirus programs is regarding their free use.

Since it is considered strange and suspicious to receive complete security assistance without paying absolutely and even more so, within the world of computing.

In this sense, it must be emphasized that, at the level of antivirus, there is no criterion that something can be delivered in exchange for nothing . So free antivirus is not really free.

In this way, the companies that develop antivirus solutions design their programs in order to admit their download and installation without the user spending money on it, which actually end up paying it in some way .

Well, although people are not fully aware, by accepting the terms and conditions of the antivirus, they are allowing the company to sell the data to companies that are dedicated to advertising , that is, the navigation and tracking data ( not personal information).

This means that, when acquiring a “free” antivirus , a kind of service provision contract is created in which, in order to obtain the protection of the antivirus, you will have to pay a price based on receiving advertising in the web , which is oriented under the criteria of your browsing data.

Thus, an affordable cost , given that they will not use your personal information at any time; unless it is a solution of dubious origin.

In which operating systems can we install malware protectors on our computers?

Believe it or not , it is not possible to install antivirus or malware protectors in all operating systems and given this clarification, most users will be wondering in what OS if they will be able to use these computer solutions to protect their computers and of course , safeguard your personal information.

Thus, we limit that all Windows, Linux, Mac and Android users have optimal alternatives to install on their computers, smartphones or tablets in order to avoid or eliminate any possible virus.

Either through free software or applications or paid. Taking into account that, on the contrary, the recognized Apple operating system, known as iOS, does not allow the installation of these tools on their computers and the reason for this, we will announce it to you, below.

Best Antivirus Table by platform or device
Antivirus for AndroidAntivirus for iPhoneAntivirus Applications
Antivirus for Windows 10Antivirus for Windows 8Antivirus for Windows 7
Antivirus for MacAntivirus for LinuxAntivirus for Laptop
Portable antivirusAntivirus for USB

Why is there no antivirus for Apple’s iOS operating systems?

Is there no antivirus for iOS?

Certainly, there is no antivirus for iPhone and iPad, since Apple does not accept antivirus applications in the App Store

This, because they ensure that the iOS platform designed by Apple has a very secure core, from which they affirm that this operating system is 100% infallible and for this reason, it does not require any antivirus.

In that sense, despite being classified as an extremely arrogant statement by the company, it is worth accepting that this Apple operating system is truly designed to be fully secure .

Mainly, thanks to the fact that its apps run in their own “sandboxes” or secure environments that isolate these applications and keep them away from the data of others, in order to prevent them from corrupting the files hosted on the OS.

Consequently, it is guaranteed that no iOS application will be able to compromise or usurp any user data , since it will not be able to leave its own “sandbox”

Being this, one of the most useful and best strategies in terms of security in the world of computing.

Taking into account that, apart from this, as another security measure, Apple restricts the installation of official apps from the App Store on iPhones and iPads and therefore, fully controls the code of the applications before making the approval to be able to enter your store.

List of the best free and paid antivirus for Windows, Linux or Mac computers

Having clarified all of the above, it is time to start with this list, in which you can find out about the best antivirus for Windows, Linux and Mac computers; taking into account free and paid solutions also :

 Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS, this operating system is one of the most recommended, due to its high levels of protection against malware. 

Thus, it is a free and paid solution at the same time, with what can be considered one of the fastest free antivirus scanning software on the market today.

 Main features

  • It offers automatic scanning on all computers.
  • It counts behavior-based malware detection, or it scans everything based on the potential activity of a process before doing something.
  • Provides complete protection against phishing .
  • It has a digital vault and thanks to it, it encrypts all the files that you prefer to keep safe, thus preventing any change.
  • Its paid version includes: permanent file destroyer, parental control tools, provides online banking protection, has a firewall and advanced ransomware protection.


  • It is an extremely simple program to use in both operating systems.
  • It exhibits low system impact and for this reason it does not slow down the computer when running.
  • It guarantees excellent precision in virus detection.
  • Your virus or threat definitions are constantly updated in the background.


  • Unfortunately, the initial scan is very slow.
  • It does not have a remarkable amount of advanced options.
  • Its protection against zero-day attacks is below average. In other words, its protection against new and unknown threats is considered ineffective and is considered a risk.
  • It can only be used domestically since it does not contain a business option.
Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus

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Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus

Developer: Bitdefender

Price: Free * Note: Download the app from the App Store.

 Panda Antivirus

It consists of a freemium solution that is only compatible with Windows and in the case of mobile operating systems, supports Android. 

Thus, its developers guarantee that this computer security option is totally fast, precise, and reliable, which is why it is considered one of the best antimalware, antispyware, anti-ransomware and anti-trojan software available on the market.

 Main features

  • It is an extremely light program , thanks to the fact that all the work is done from the cloud and without the prior requirement of storing files and daily updates.
  • It has real-time scanning .
  • It offers email scanning .
  • It ensures the protection of the PC against the automatic execution of malware through a USB drive.
  • The paid version adds the following features: secure payment protection for online shopping and banking, privacy protection, ability to protect three devices simultaneously and parental control.


  • It shows an extremely friendly and simple user interface .
  • It has strong virus detection with very few false positives.
  • It exhibits a slight impact on the performance of the equipment , that is, it does not slow it down.
  • It has an on-screen keyboard to protect from keyloggers .
  • Allows you to optimize the consumption of the device battery .


  • It does not provide direct technical support .
  • Only the basic features are offered with the free version .
Panda Security - Free Antivirus and VPN

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Panda Security – Free Antivirus and VPN

Developer: Panda Security

Price: Free * Note: Download the app from the App Store.

 AVG Antivirus

This is also a free and paid antivirus option at the same time, which is available for all Windows and MacOS users , as well as for Android. Thus, it is one of the most famous antivirus worldwide, being the ideal for those who require a silent and subtle solution without many luxuries .

 Main features

  • It has the ability to block unsafe links and downloads.
  • It has a spam and email filter , so it can analyze incoming emails in order to locate any threat.
  • It offers excellent system optimization tools .
  • Your security updates run in real time .
  • It is a program that runs transparently in the background .
  • It has a paid version that has features such as: webcam protection, an improved firewall and additional ransomware protection.


  • It is totally easy to customize and configure by users.
  • It shows little impact on the system and with this, it is able to locate and solve equipment performance problems .
  • It is a program compatible with a large number of versions of Windows .
  • It provides targeted detection and consequently, warning messages accurately disclose the threat.
  • Exhibits optimal anti-malware performance .


  • In most cases, its scanning is really slow and because of that, it slows down the computer greatly.
  • It fails to permanently remove some quarantined threats from the system and thus there is a risk of re-infection .
  • It gets annoying because it constantly shows ads about the paid version along with other unrelated features.
  • Its phishing protection is average .
AVG AntiVirus and Security for Android Free 2020

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AVG AntiVirus and Security for Android Free 2020

Developer: AVG Mobile

Price: Free * Note: Download the app from the App Store.

 Total AV Antivirus

It is an antivirus that is available to all Windows and Mac users, being a highly effective solution with which they can get rid of any kind of malware quickly and also improve the performance of their equipment. 

In such a way, it will allow you to make use of useful tools in order for your computer to function better and safe from any threat.

 Main features

  • This antivirus program has an extension in browsers , such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.
  • Provides good protection against phishing .
  • It has a browser manager .
  • It offers increased battery life by decreasing various background processes.
  • It is also compatible with Android .
  • As for its paid version , we note that it includes 24/7 technical support, it has advanced ransomware protection, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, it adds a password vault, a remote firewall and a smartphone optimizer for Android.


  • It has the ability to locate and delete any number of duplicate files .
  • Detects around 89% of verified phishing samples .
  • It is extremely fast and thanks to this, it guarantees effective scans.
  • It does not show any negative impact on the performance of the equipment.
  • It includes real-time protection and consequently constantly checks for installation, download and executable viruses.


  • It shows several false positives .
  • It has no real-time protection against malware .
  • It has no control over weekly scanning and does not add any day-to-day scanning functionality.
  • To get additional features, you must pay .
TotalAV Antivirus & VPN-Total Mobile Security 2020

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TotalAV Antivirus & VPN-Total Mobile Security 2020

Developer: Protected.net Group Limited

Price: Free * Note: Download the app from the App Store.

ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus

It is considered a very solid alternative for Windows users , taking into account that it only has one version for said operating system. 

In this sense, most of its features are oriented towards online protection , making it a good solution for all web surfers who want to obtain an extra layer of security from the optimal integrated firewall of this tool.

 Main features

  • Provide identity protection .
  • Contains an added personal firewall .
  • It has an excellent anti-malware scanner .
  • It features great web security and a built-in privacy toolbar.
  • Offers online file backups .
  • Its premium version has features such as: a two-way firewall, anti-phishing-based Chrome extension, complete real-time cloud security, file scanning and web browsing protection.


  • It provides remarkable performance as an antivirus.
  • Its user interface is very simple to use .
  • It has a great ability to schedule scans .
  • Provides automatic security updates in real time .
  • It has compatibility with Windows 10, 8, 8.1 and 7 .


  • Make automatic changes in the web browser and install a toolbar .
  • It uses an inordinate amount of system memory to run.
  • It does not have custom scanning directly from the interface.
  • Its installation is very slow and tedious .
  • Show popup notifications every time something is blocked.
ZoneAlarm Mobile Security

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ZoneAlarm Mobile Security

Developer: Check Point Software Technologies, Inc.

Price: Free * Note: Download the app from the App Store.

 Avast Antivirus

Without a doubt, it is one of the most recognized antivirus programs in the world of computing and technology, which is compatible with a large number of platforms and among them are.

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10, as well as Windows Vista and XP SP3, just like Mac OS, Linux, and Android

Thus, Avast Antivirus provides solid protection against zero-day attacks and new threats and has very robust tools.

 Main features

  • It has an antimalware network scanner .
  • It has an optimal password manager .
  • Its technology is based on behavior analysis and personalization .
  • It includes a game mode that allows you to disable notifications and even decrease the system load while playing video games.
  • Provides a free Trojan remover tool .
  • As for its premium version , we highlight that it offers protection for more devices, adds ransomware protection, has a firewall, as well as spam filters, an anti-phishing browser extension and a permanent file shredder.


  • Its user interface is absolutely friendly .
  • It shows a low system impact and thanks to this feature, it runs without slowing down the computer.
  • Avast managed to protect against 100% of all zero-day attacks in a recent test.
  • It is helpful if you constantly find yourself downloading files and games .


  • It emits constant and annoying announcements, as well as pop-up notifications.
  • It lacks certain privacy or ransomware protection options.
  • Its protection against phishing is average and, therefore, you need to be very careful.
  • Your password manager does not have a password reset and does not offer multi-factor authentication either.
  • The launch time is extremely slow.

 Download Avast Windows

 Download Avast MacOS

 Sophos Home

It consists of an ideal computer protection solution for machines that operate with Windows (7, 8, 8.1 and 10), as well as with Mac OS and Linux . Taking into account that, Sophos is also compatible with Android phones and tablets.

In this sense, it is an antivirus that is optimized to execute highly effective and cloud-based protection; Thus, it is a perfect program for family environments, since it manages to protect up to three devices at the same time.

 Main features

  • It has anti-phishing protection .
  • It supports real-time protection and is always very effective.
  • Offers remote administration .
  • Lets make use of a parental control function .
  • It has a paid version that manages to protect up to 10 computers simultaneously, contains advanced malware removal, provides advanced protection from ransomware, provides bank protection and has web and email filtering.


  • It offers remarkable network, server and end user protection .
  • It does not slow down the system, as it exhibits a low impact on it.
  • It has a very striking, friendly and easy to use user interface .
  • Show few pop-up notifications after installation.


  • You do not have any option to schedule scans.
  • It contains almost no functions for more advanced users.
  • Unfortunately, it does not accept computers older than Windows XP or Vista.
  • Your free trial only lasts 30 days.

*Note: Download from the official website at Sophos.com. Requires prior registration.

 Avira Antivirus

It is considered as another of the best security measures that you can use on your computer, thanks to the fact that it is distinguished from the rest by its wide range of protection against anything , be it malicious viruses or the most dangerous Trojans. 

Thus, it is an ideal option to install on Windows and Mac computers , in order to have its excellent heuristic engine.

 Main features

  • It has a password manager .
  • It has a function called “Avira Privacy Pal” which is based on a personal assistant in charge of protecting your privacy.
  • Contains ransomware detection .
  • It allows you to use a secure and fast search engine .
  • It offers a browser tracking blocker .
  • Detailing its paid version , we highlight that it has: an unlimited VPN, VIP customer support, system optimization tools and automatic updates.


  • It introduces a host of new features and customization options to maximize the user experience.
  • It reveals a low impact of the system , so it does not affect its performance.
  • It stands out for presenting accurate detection with few false positives.
  • In this program, virus definitions are constantly updated .


  • It displays constant pop-ups and announcements for the user to obtain other Avira products.
  • It does not offer you a business option , as it is only for domestic use.
  • It is not a totally free solution.

 Download Avira Windows

 BullGuard Free Antivirus

This antivirus is available for Windows and MacOS computers , making it a market-leading solution that manages to protect you against any threat, including Trojans, ransomware and insecure websites. 

Taking into account that, over time, it has been classified as an ideal antivirus to avoid all kinds of threats and even stays on the network.

Plus, it has the ability to run silently in the background:

 Main features

  • It has highly effective automatic scanning .
  • It is a totally free solution .
  • It has 24/7 support for all its users.
  • Contains truly robust parental control settings .
  • Add vulnerability scanner .
  • Delivers integrated backup in the cloud.


  • It offers identity protection .
  • Adds a player mode that temporarily stops scanning, just like notifications.
  • Provides ultra-fast vulnerability with the ability to scan for risk alerts.


  • It does not offer a password manager.
  • It has a large number of false positives.
  • With parenting tools, performance gets noticeably lagged.

 Download Bullguard Windows

 Comodo Antivirus

It is defined as an antivirus program that can be installed on Windows and Linux computers , just like Macs . 

Which has a large number of functions that allow users to obtain excellent assistance in order to protect their equipment and, of course, their personal information and their activities on the network.

 Main features

  • Provides real-time protection .
  • Emits remarkable server compatibility .
  • It offers on-demand and real-time scanning .
  • Add email filtering .
  • It is regularly updated around virus definitions.


  • It has a clear and clean interface that is very easy to use.
  • It includes support for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems , so it supports backward compatibility with hardware.
  • Its security levels are easily adjustable .
  • Contains support for a wide variety of distros .


  • It has a notable weakness around threat detection
  • On certain occasions, it can slow down the system .

 Download Comodo Windows

 Clam AV

This is considered one of the best solutions for Linux users and is also compatible with Windows and MacOS machines . 

Although it is not one of the most recognized alternatives today, the truth is that it is an effective option to protect your computer and your personal data when you browse the net.

 Main features

  • It has support for a remarkable variety of file types, including: Office, PDF and ZIP .
  • It includes regular updates for virus definitions to ensure complete assistance.
  • Contains a command line interface scanner .
  • It has the ability to scan emails .
  • It is considered as a versatile and long solution


  • It is easy to install and configure , making it ideal for beginners and advanced users.
  • It is a free solution .
  • It can be run silently from the command line (Linux).
  • Supports portable installation .
  • It is characterized by being fast operating .
  • It is not an intrusive antivirus program .


  • Its user interface is not the friendliest .
  • It does not have a native GUI , although you can download your own GUI.

 Download Clam AV Linux


Although, especially, it was built for Linux , it is a program that also has compatibility for various versions of Windows .

In this sense, the software consists of an antivirus protection tool that is extremely powerful and very quiet, even so, it offers a highly relevant defense against various malware, with excellent speed and usability. 

It should be noted that it has 200 monthly searches and scores among the best.

 Main features

  • It supports automatic updates for the convenience of its users.
  • It has network scanning .
  • It offers virus and trojan detection .
  • Allows remote use .
  • Ensures the security of various types of files .


  • For Linux users, it is very effective since it is compatible with multiple distros of said operating system.
  • It is very easy to operate .
  • Its malware detection rates are exceptionally strong .
  • It allows working with multiple servers located in different places.


  • Unfortunately, the program is blocked behind a paywall after the free trial and therefore you will have to pay to continue using it.

 Download ESET NOD32 Windows

 F-PROT Antivirus

Compatible with Linux, this computer protection program also reveals excellent performance to its millions of users worldwide. 

Taking into account that, although it offers a paid version, it also provides the use of a homemade version that is totally free.

It should be noted that it is considered one of the best alternatives to maintain security on Linux computers.

 Main features

  • It has the ability to support internal units and drivers .
  • Offers on-demand analytics .
  • Emits great protection against Trojans and boot sector viruses , mainly.
  • It has offers to schedule scans in the system .


  • It shows a low impact on system performance , making it a truly optimal antivirus.
  • Accept portable installation .
  • It has support for 32 and 64 bit systems .
  • It manages a complete directory of threats in its database to scan.


  • The only disadvantage that we found is that it has an unattractive user interface . Since, it is extremely messy.

 Download F-PROT Antivirus Windows

 Intego for Mac

As its name implies, it refers to virus protection software designed for computers that operate under MacOS (although it also scans threats in Windows and Linux). 

Thus, it is an all-in-one solution because it covers a remarkable variety of protection against threats such as malware, phishing, rootkis, Trojans and many more. Considering that, it exhibits other robust features .

 Main features

  • Provides a free 30-day trial .
  • Contains real-time protection .
  • Rank among one of the best free antivirus for Mac users.
  • Offers bi-directional firewall network protection .
  • Add scans on demand and allow scheduling too.


  • It has the ability to quarantine all the threats it locates , automatically.
  • It is completely easy to use and adjust , making it perfect for beginners.
  • It does not require the creation of a user account .
  • It does not show notifications or pop-ups constantly.


  • It does not keep any ransomware monitoring active .
  • For Windows computers, it reveals ineffective malware detection .
  • Many existing threats are not automatically deleted .

 Download Intego Antivirus MacOS

 Malwarebytes for Mac

Although its name indicates that it is an antivirus solution for Mac, it is certainly also ideal for Windows computers and even Android devices with a 14-day free trial in all cases

It should be noted that this program was born as a truly solid anti-malware product proposal and for years has managed to protect millions of computers worldwide.

 Main features

  • It consists of a perfect program for users looking for a light and fast alternative .
  • It has an optimal application blocker .
  • You can perform analysis on demand .
  • Includes real-time protection .


  • It exhibits a very friendly and simplified user interface .
  • You have introduced additional protection for multiple devices at the same time.
  • It is capable of a completely fast scan .
  • It takes up very little space on your computer’s hard drive.
  • Provides detailed information regarding system resources .


  • Unfortunately, it is not free software at all.
  • It does not offer real-time protection with the free trial.

 Download Malwarebytes for Mac

List of the best antivirus applications for Android mobiles that you can install

Finally, in addition to the antivirus that exists for Windows, MacOS, and Linux, Android devices also support these solutions to protect their users from any computer threat

Therefore, below, we present 8 of the best antivirus apps that you can download and install on your mobile or tablet :

 Clean Master

It consists of an application designed for Android, which stands out for fulfilling a double function when installed on a smartphone or tablet and thanks to that, it has the ability to free up space, increase RAM memory and also save battery life and protect your privacy completely. .

In addition to this, the app has functions to delete files and perform effective cleaning tasks in order to improve the operation of the devices. In short, it is designed to protect you from any virus and free up space.


  • It is a completely free antivirus to protect your mobile phone.
  • It has the ability to detect and erase malware and adware viruses.
  • It offers optimal cleaning of junk files .
  • It provides WiFi security and thanks to that, it protects your mobile from detecting false unauthorized and dangerous connections.
  • It has a battery saver that can extend the life of the battery .
  • It has a game optimizer .


  • It must be installed on devices that have the memory necessary to support the app , otherwise they will not be able to use it.
  • Sometimes it is considered an application suitable only for advanced users .
Clean Master-Unlock Ram, Clean Space & Antivirus

Download QR-Code

Clean Master-Unlock Ram, Clean Space & Antivirus

Developer: Cheetah Mobile

Price: Free 

 Free Avast Antivirus

Another of the best security solutions for Android users, is this app so recognized worldwide that you can find it, free of charge, in the main app store of said operating system.

Thus, it has more than 100 million users and has the ability to clean junk files and unnecessary data on the device, as well as system caches. 

It should be noted that its interface is very intuitive. Best of all, it has a web shield that manages to analyze and restrict all infected links.


  • It has app blocking for greater security.
  • It contains a fully effective antivirus engine .
  • Allows energy savings in equipment.
  • It offers an R AM enhancer , just like a firewall.
  • It provides a VPN to all its users.
  • It offers WiFi speed test and also guarantees WiFi security.


  • The firewall offered by this application is only for rooted devices .
  • It is not entirely free , as it also provides a premium solution.
  • The direct support of Avast is only available for premium users.
Avast Antivirus 2020 - Android Security |  Free

Download QR-Code

Avast Antivirus 2020 – Android Security | Free

Developer: Avast Software

Price: Free 

 360 Security

It consists of one of the most famous antivirus apps for Android users, since it is completely free and guarantees you complete security, so that you can reduce the risks present on the network and from the applications installed on your mobile, day after day. 

Due to its excellent support, it already has more than 200 million users around the world , which make use of its intuitively designed interface.


  • It works as an optimal speed booster and protection for your Android smartphone or tablet.
  • It contains a complete system cleaner , which makes use of big data to intelligently identify junk files and get rid of them to free up space.
  • Ensures real-time and updated protection .
  • It has a privacy defender that protects your data and special applications.
  • It manages to avoid Adware and phishing to a great extent.


  • It is presumed to lack certain functions to ensure more comprehensive assistance.
Safe Security - Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner

Download QR-Code

Safe Security – Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner

Developer: Safe Security Develop

Price: Free 

 AVG AntiVirus Free

It is considered another of the best options that you can find in the Play Store to protect your mobile or tablet, protect your data and information, as well as to surf the web safely through these Android devices.

 Which is characterized by being a totally free application that is used by more than 100 million customers around the world

Thus, it adds excellent protection, performance, anti-theft, and privacy functions.


  • You can scan applications, games and files with the dual-engine antivirus and remove malicious content quickly .
  • It has a Wi-Fi analyzer for network encryption.
  • It has energy saving functions , which are responsible for deactivating the options that consume more battery.
  • It can clean up unnecessary files and free up storage space.
  • Contains a surveillance agent .
  • It manages to check the download and upload speed of the Wi-Fi network.


  • The app uses the Device Manager permission and the accessibility permission.
  • In some cases, a device slowdown has been noticed when running this app on Android.
AVG AntiVirus and Security for Android Free 2020

Download QR-Code

AVG AntiVirus and Security for Android Free 2020

Developer: AVG Mobile

Price: Free 

 Norton Antivirus and Security

This is an Android antivirus that can protect you from malware, spywares and theft of your phone thanks to its security via free GPS . 

So, it is considered one of the most effective applications in terms of protection and security for your Android devices. 

Since it even provides a great service against threats such as websites created to steal your money or information, as well as around malicious applications.


  • It provides an optimal WiFi analysis in order to protect your mobile or tablet in public WiFi networks and even alerts you if they are secure or not.
  • Its search engine stays connected to Symantec’s global threat database , making it very effective.
  • Test everything you have installed on the SD card , fully protecting it from malicious viruses.


  • It only offers a 30-day free trial version .
  • The premium version is the only one capable of guaranteeing web protection, protection against ransomware, remote capacity to erase information from stolen or lost devices, etc.
Norton Mobile Security and Antivirus

Download QR-Code

Norton Mobile Security and Antivirus

Developer: NortonMobile

Price: Free 

 Kaspersky Antivirus Android Free

This application available on the Play Store, refers to one of the best-rated Android antiviruses today, as many experts recommend it 100% for its excellent ability to react against threats imposed by cybercriminals and, likewise, in the face of hacker attacks. 

It should be noted that this application has the ability to protect devices from all kinds of viruses or malware in a simple, fast, and freeway.


  • It acts as an effective virus cleaning tool , so it automatically blocks malware on mobiles and tablets.
  • It is an anti-phishing solution and thanks to this, it manages to perfectly protect your financial information while you make online banking or purchases.
  • You can filter dangerous links and sites when you surf the net.
  • It contains application blocking , since it allows you to enter a secret code to access certain private content.
  • It is an anti-theft app .
  • Perform checks in the background to provide better assistance.


  • Its most advanced functions are only found from the premium version . These functions include the possibility of blocking dangerous links and sites that you visit on the Internet.
Kaspersky Antivirus Android Free - Security

Download QR-Code

Kaspersky Antivirus Android Free – Security

Developer: Kaspersky Lab

Price: Free 

 Mobile Security

We also consider one of the most optimal solutions to this classic app in the world of computing and with regard to protection against viruses. 

Basically, it is defined as a mobile antivirus with all the necessary functionalities to have a good protection of your personal information, as well as your device.

Bearing in mind that, it is an app equipped with an excellent mobile security engine capable of eliminating any virus:


  • It offers great free features to its users.
  • It contains a function that protects you from spyware .
  • It allows you to manage the app from the web portal, remotely .
  • It has anti-theft uninstall protection .
  • Contains a memory booster and battery .
  • Provides optimal data usage tracking .


  • Although it has good features in its free version, the best ones can be obtained only from its paid version . Such as: application blocking, continuous telephone support, VPN protection for WiFi, secure web, etc.
  • Android 5.1.1 / 6.0 users must grant access to enable widget, app lock, and guest mode.
Mobile Security: Secure Wi-Fi with VPN and anti-theft

Download QR-Code

Mobile Security: Secure Wi-Fi with VPN and anti-theft

Developer: McAfee LLC

Price: Free 

 Sophos Intercept X for Mobile

To conclude, we detail the present application available for all Android devices, which has distinguished itself as one of the most effective and powerful solutions to avoid any kind of virus. 

In this way, it provides a remarkable level of protection to your mobile and brings together various functionalities that you cannot find in a single app. 

In addition to this, it is valuable to emphasize that in the AV-TEST comparison this app achieved a score of 100% and therefore, it is a leader in IT security for companies and various governments.


  • It is a completely free and ad-free application .
  • It has the ability to scan any number of applications and storage media in order to detect malicious and inappropriate content on the computer.
  • It contains a link checker with a very efficient operation.
  • It has web filtering to be able to block online sites that show malicious, illegal or undesirable content.
  • It provides WiFi security and thus protects you from intermediary attacks.
  • In it you can make use of a privacy manager and a security manager .


  • The app uses accessibility permissions and also requires administrator permission .
  • Unfortunately, it reveals a remarkable use of the battery of the mobile or tablet to be able to keep them constantly protected, which causes a punctual increase in the use of it.
  • Sometimes, if the Android version is one of the previous ones, the app slows down the entire system noticeably .
Sophos Intercept X for Mobile

Download QR-Code

Sophos Intercept X for Mobile

Developer: Sophos Limited

Price: Free 

So these were the all the best free and paid antivirus for all the devices.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and I’m sure it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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