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Know about Ramesh Rawat

Hello Friends welcome to Rawat Tech Help, I am highly gratful that you have visited my blog RTH.

Let me tell you someting about myself.

I am Ramesh Rawat.

A passionate part-time Blogger, SEO Expert, Youtuber and Affiliate Marketer.

I am young blogger, seo expert and affiliate markter who is passionate about blogging.

I am basically from Devbhumi Uttarakhand  and currently I am living at New Delhi.

By Profession I am double M.A. and Law Graduate from Kumaun University Nainital, Uttarakhand.

I provide free legal services to needy people and if you have any kind of legal qurey you can contact to me at my legal blog Legal Funda.

Let’s discuss about Rawat Tech Help

Rawat Tech Help is blog where I write about Blogging, Youtube, SEO Internet, Gadget, App review, Adsense and Online Earning.

Basically this blog is for technoly help that why I call it RawatTechHelp.

Why I create this Blog?

When I started blogging way back in 2017, there was no one who could help me. 

So I quit blogging in the end of 2017.

I started learning from various sources like Youtube, Goolge etc. about blogging like how to do it etc.

Finally in July, 2018 I get myself educated and again started my blogging career. 

I do run various blogs and michro blogs but I have created this blog to help the begginers like me who has no knowledge of blogging.

That’s it

Hope you liked it.